How to tissue paper flowers

Start with gathering 4 pieces of tissue paper, scissors and 1 pipe cleaner. The tissue paper can be different colors depending on preference.

Cut the tissue paper into a 10 inch square. For larger flowers, increase the size of the squares or decrease the size for smaller flowers.

Take the squares and line them up so they evenly over lap and stack together. Then, fold the paper accordion style with about 1-2 inch folds.

Once the paper is all folded together, creating a long rectangle, take a pipe cleaner and twist it tightly around the center.

Take the scissor and cut the ends of the tissue paper. For this example, rounded edges were cut. Ends can be cut depending on the type of flowers preferred. Slit edges or pointed edges can be used.

Start to unfold one side of the flower by gently pulling each layer apart from each other.

Once the first side of the flower is all pulled apart, start separating the other side of the flower. Be careful not to tear the tissue paper.

Continue to separate the flower and fill in any spots that look bald. Once the flower is all fluffed up, add to a vase to make a center piece.

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