How to make pompom pen

First cut of 10 cm of each colour of yarn.

next you must put the pegs on the board with one hole in between.

Then you must rap all the yarn (90 cm) around the pegs.

Next you must put one of the 10 cm pieces of yarn under the raped yarn (in the middle).

Then you must take the to ends and tie them together on top of the raped yarn.

Next you must take the string of the pegs.

Then you must put your scissors through the holes and cut.

Next must you tie all the yarn strands to the peg.

Next you must trim the long ends of the pompom.

Then you must pouf it out to look like a pompom.

Next you must plug in your hot glue gun (it will take 2-7 minutes to warm up ).

Then you must put a dot of hot glue on top of the pen.

Finally you must quickly put the pompom on to of the pen.

hope you enjoy writing and playing with your pompom pen.

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