How to create a christmas card holder

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Cut two cardboard 8x7 3/4"

Cut this four windows on one of them.

Make these cardboard pieces: 8x2; 8x3 1/8; 8 1/4x1 1/4; and two pieces of 8x2 as shown.

Make and cover with adhesive canvas one piece of 7 3/4x1 1/4. Put two eyelets and a ribbon as shown.

Cover with St Nicholas Graphic 45 decorated paper both sides and ink edges.

Fussy cut this piece of decorated paper.

Adhere the fussy cutted piece on the back.

Cut a piece of acetate to cover the window and glue as shown.

Glue the rest of pieces.

This is the structure.

Cut several sheets of 7 1/2x7 1/2

Score upper side.

Glue the sheets between them by the tab.

Then glue more sheets and glue the two groups.

Cut a piece of cardstock of 7 1/2x1"

Cover the piece with decorated paper, only one side.

Glue the piece to the spine of sheets.

Then glue to the canvas piece.

Making decoration for the back side of the box. We need the border round of #4501397 St Nicholas 12x12 sheet.

Use double sided tape on the back of the box.

Adhere the border as shown.

Cut a little piece of paper to form the knot of the bow and glue it.

Take a Card and glue it on a same size cardboard.

Round corners and ink edges.

Make a U piece of cardboard and glue it on the back of the card.

Glue the card on the back side of the box.

Put a tag into.

Cut theses pieces of the border to add them to the bow.

Glue them.

Glue the last piece of the box and decorate the front, and sides.

Punch some snowflakes, add glue and then a little of glitter and let them dry.

Glue some flowers and leaves.

Put the mini album inside the box.

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