How to up cycle cardboardscardboard bag

Draw the opened up view of your cardboard bag on on a old cardboard box. Can't be marker or a pen because you can't erase it when you make a mistake.

Cut neatly out the shape of the opened up view of the bag.

Fold and glue sides and bottom together using gules. Make sure not to glue the top! Using the clamp will help keep the pieces together while the glue dries.

Fold and crease the top part so that the bag can close up. Using a ruler to make the fold line pushing it hard in to the cardboard will help to make a good crease.

Cut strips of colored paper to weave into the outside design of your bag. See the picture below.

Glue your weaved outer design.

Then, if you have magic tapes, this is an extra step. Attach the magic tape at the front of the bag where it will be covered up by the opening flap. Then attach an another magic tape to the flap.

Now we're making a handle. Make two holes in top of the bag about 15cm apart to put a piece of rope that's going to be the handle of the bag.

Put a piece of rope though the hole from inside of your bag. Tie a not in the each end.

Well done!!! You've just made a bag from a cardboard.

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