How to make healthy 'jack-o-lantern' quesadillas (vegan)

Ingredients: chopped tomatoes, corn tortillas, green paprika, shallot, black beans, vegan shredded cheese, homemade taco seasoning, oil for frying

Tools: boiler, spatula, chopping knife, tablespoon, chopping board, lined baking tray

Chop paprika and shallot

Start by frying the shallot on medium high heat until golden

Add the green paprika and mix.

Add chopped tomatoes, black beans and homemade taco seasoning. Mix well and let simmer on low-medium heat for 5 minutes.

Prepare the corn tortillas. Add 1/2 of the vegan cheese to the bottom.

Add the tomato-mix on top of the cheese. Cut out 'Jack-O-Lantern- faces' for the other tortilla/ top 'lid' and put on top.

Heat for 10-12 minutes on 190 degrees celcius or until golden. Enjoy 😋

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