How to create fleece tie blanket

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Gather your supplies. You will need one thin, fleece blanket and a pair of scissors.

Lay out the blanket, flat on the ground.

Fold the blanket directly in half.

Cut the piece of fleece on the fold, resulting in two separate pieces, the same size.

Take the scissors, and remove all the outer seems. Once you get it started, you should be able to just pull on a string and the rest should come out easily with no scissors.

After the seems are ripped, line up the two pieces on top of each other as perfectly as possible.

Cut the corners off the pieces, in about a 4-inch square.

Cut strips in the edges of the blanket about 1 1/2 inches apart, and about 3-5 inches long. The longer and skinnier they are, the easier they are to tie, but not too long or too skinny.

Once all the sides are cut into strips, take every other pair of strips and tie them together in a double knot.

After you tie every other knot all the way around the blanket, go around and tie the ones you skipped.

Now you should have a complete blanket to enjoy!

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