How to proof and bake dinner rolls with one program

Prep baking pans with food release spray. Place frozen dough in pans, wrap, refrigerate overnight to thaw. 24 ct muffin tin

10x6 on sheet pan

Step 1: Steam mode 105F (40C), 20% fan, 100% humidity, 30 minutes, reduced power mode

Step 2: Convection mode 350F (177C), 60% fan, 0% humidity, 2 minutes, eco power mode **This step is to remove excess humidity from oven.

Dinner rolls proofed

Step 3: Convection mode 350F (177C), 80% fan, 100% humidity, 3 minutes, turbo energy mode. **This step heats the oven faster in turbo mode.

Step 4: Convection mode 325F (163C), 60% fan, 100% humidity, 5:30 minutes (muffin tin) 10:00 Minutes (sheet pan), turbo energy mode

Muffin tin dinner rolls baking.

Finished product (muffin tin)

Finished product (sheet pan)

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