How to fix android corruption errors and recover data

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Android is highly popular OS in the world of phone and has successfully grabbed majority of users all round the globe. Having outstanding features and functions it simply ruled the market.

But even this gadget is not free from data corruption and thus loss and numerous come up will query on how to recover their lost contacts, SMS, media files and so on.

In order to retrieve your data it is more important to know the possible causes that could lead to loss of data so that you can be attentive and prevent data loss to maximum extent.

Causes for data loss are as follows; • Virus/Malware Infection –The virus may infect your smartphones when you transfer files from infected PC or when you download infected files from the internet.

• Improper Handling of Memory Card –Improper ejecting of memory card from the phone while transferring data may result in data loss.

• Factory Resetting –If you perform the factory reset of your phone or tab then it will completely delete data (messages, contacts, photos, videos and music files) stored in your Android device.

• Unintentionally or Accidentally Deleting Files – You might delete files to free up space and accidentally you delete files that are important to you.

• Formatting Android Phone/Tab –Accidentally or intentionally formatting SD card will erase photos, videos, audio or any other files and thus needs to be restored.

Recover lost data instantaneously: You can make use of Android Data Recovery Tool that’s highly competent to rescue lost, deleted or formatted data without any trouble.

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