How to make an up-cycled bird feeder

Plastic spoon x3. (If the bird stands on these, the food drops)

*Use a small knife, to create 3 holes approximately a quarter from the bottom of the bottle. *Place the plastic spoons through each holes (make sure the spoons stretch from one side to the other)

Remove the marketing label, and then glue 3mm green rope from the top to about a quarter way down.

Glue 5mm rope adjacent to 3mm rope to approximately the halfway point

For aesthetic appeal, you can add some 15mm leather at the bottom and below the rope

Drill a 1mm hole in the bottle cap, and screw a plastic hook inside.

Finally, use a small knife and create 2 small holes on one side of each spoon. Place 7mm bamboo in each of the holes which act as a platform for the bird to consume the seeds

This should be your finished product. Enjoy your bird feeder🐦

Watch the video: DIY Bird Feeder Homemade - How To Make Bird Feeder From Plastic Bottle and Spoons

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