How to sun print with minx inks by kathy adams

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Place Indulgence (red) and Stargazer (blue) Minx into a palette. Add a bit of water.

Wet the 13" x 13" canvas with water then brush the Stargazer Minx onto the canvas. Make sure the canvas is saturated with color. I also sprayed Ink Spot Colorations Spray onto the canvas as well.

Set the blue canvas onto a plastic table cloth, covered it with a star stencil and place it in the hot sun.

Repeat the process with the larger canvas, using Indulgence (red) Minx. To create stripes, use masking tape to cover the canvas as shown. Set out in the hot sun.

Check the canvas after an hour and see if you like the results. It took about an hour for mine to "print". What is interesting is that the covered areas end up being the lighter areas.

Snip the red and white canvas into 1" strips, pulling them to create the tattered edges.

Adding more red and white ribbon, sew all of the strips onto a separate 12" x 2" strip of canvas. This will make it easier to line up the strips before adding the whole thing to the blue star canvas.

Glue sequins to the stars and sew a pocket into the top of the canvas to hold a dowel.

Sew any additional embellishments to the ribbons before sewing them to the blue canvas.

This was such a fun banner to make and now I'm ready for Independence Day! Sun prints can be created using paper also. I recommend heavy watercolor or mixed media paper.

Have fun playing with this technique! Mix similar colors and see what happens. Share your results on our Facebook page, Art Anthology Adventures in Art

Watch the video: Sun Printing - Lisa shows you some of her favourite fabric printing techniques using the sun


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