How to make a small sofa using a paper

You need a normal paper

Just follow my simple steps And lap your paper in the center

Open your paper in the right side and make it like the picture and the same for the left side

Lap the piece of the paper to top

And lap the oblong piece to top like the picture

Flex the two pieces of paper on the left and right side

Flex to the bottom the piece who's in the top

Take the piece of step 7 to bottom and open your small sofa

And you get it ;) you can use a color paper and stickers to make an awsome sofa

Make some sofa and place it in your table and put them your tools and money and more ... Thank you for following me

Watch the video: DIY - Origami Sofa. How to Make a Paper Sofa. Couch. Origami Furniture. Craftastic

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