How to make pastry cream; afrench classic

This is my reference book. So I am passing to you the recipie of a very famous pastry chef. Mr. Gaston Le notre

Here is z page of z recipie. True. It is in French but....for fun. .it Is a cream-preparation used In many french pastry recipies. Like fruit tarts, mille feuille, éclairs, and many others.

The reference of this guide: soniafares6

this cream needs particular attention to z cooking time & temperature. prepare water-ice bath and, leave 2TBsp cold milk to add in case z mixture coagulates fast & u need 2 drop its temperature

Or make it in a bain-marie

Here are the ingredients. I used 130 grams of sugar. personal taste.... 6 egg yolks 1/2 litre milk, 50 grams of corn flour. And one vanilla bean.

In a casserole put the milk. Leaving around 2TBsp aside for emergency... Slit z vanilla bean scrape the inside. Add to z milk. U can put the vanilla bean shell as well for more intense flavour

OR... TIP. ...... Put z empty bean in z sugar & u'll have vanilla flavoured sugar.... Eventually to use in cakes

Add the corn flour. Mix until homogenous.

Cream is ready. Pour in a flat and straight edge container. Here, there is a good reason. While cream is cooling down, it will happen evenly. In a bowl u would have harder edges..softer inside

Put a cling film in contact with the cream. It will prevent a hard crust on the top. When the cream is cold. Just whisk to homogenize and use for the recipie you are preparing.

Watch the video: Make No-Fuss Pastry Cream - Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

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