How to use a lego brick as a door (or drawer) knob

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Here you see all you need

There are two options: Mount the knob with or without a 5mm spacer washer. I'll show you the option with a spacer washer first (for the other option see step 14)

Here is what you need: A LEGO brick, a 30mm M5 screw and the spacer washer - mine comes from a leftover plug of a PAX shoe shelf

Remove the spacer washer from the plug

Use this (don't throw the rest away, maybe you need it for the next IKEAhack)

Put the screw in the back side of the door

Put the spacer washer on the screw on the other side in the door

Screw on the LEGO brick

And you're done

The spacer washer allows you to easily grip your new door knob

Of course you can also use other colors, like white...

...or red

You can also mount the brick directly to the door without a spacer washer

You need to put a normal washer between the door and the 25mm screw. Otherwise the screw would damage the LEGO brick

Screw on the brick

And once more - you're done

With this version, it is a little harder to grip the knob, but works just as good

You can also use smaller bricks...

... or larger ones

And this is how you add a LEGO brick as a door (or drawer) knob

... and in case you noticed the other door that was mounted on the KALLAX shelf: Visit

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