How to make homemade marshmallows in rose shape

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In a bowl add 3 packets of gelatins mix with 1 cup of water and set aside, take a larger bowl cox in last steps it was hard to handle

One cup water

Give a lil mix and set aside for 10 minutes

In a pan mix corn syrup , 2 cup of sugar and half cup of water bring to nice boil.

Yeah near to the desire point at 4 to 5 minutes of boiling mix continuously or else it will burn

Pour the cooked liquid in set gelatin

Now the main work starts, mix it for 10 minutes or more

Slowly you'll feel that the thickness is coming

Getting thicker

Lil more beating :)

Add tbsp of vanilla essence

Ta da :) exactly the consistency of marshmallows

I've got these molds from china art for 2 dirhams , they are very flexible

Grease the mold and pour the mixture

To cut in perfect cubes I'm also pouring in this disposable pan after greasing

Add drop of your favorite color I wanted red color but my brother insisted on green :)

With the help of knife start making swirls , thanks to my younger brother for that :)

Perfect designs from my brother :) and keep it for 4 hours to set, after that cut them in cubes coat them with mixture of crushed sugar and corn starch and then serve and enjoy. Must try and hit <3

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