How to create a winter mixed media layout

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Next I added a some texture using a bit of stucco through our Morse Code Stencil.

I created a grid texture by adding to layers of the stucco through the stencil, of coarse I dried the vertical layer before adding the horizontal layer.

Now it was time to add some stunning color. I added two different colorations colors and touch of water to lighten them just a bit.

To add a bit of a winter look I added a bit of gesso splatters across my layout.

I used Art Anthology Sorbet- Splashed to adhere my glitter to this piece of chipboard.

Finally it was time to start building my layout....

After my layout was built I decided it needed a bit of random stamping. so I went back and added a bit using this tiny Prima stamp.

The lastly I added my title.

There you have it a pretty easy winter layout!

Thank you so much for stopping by I hope I have inspired you to create something pretty today!

Watch the video: Winter Time - MIxed Media layout by Pascale


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