How to create"thankful journal page" by roxanne d

This is my hand~book journal co. watercolor paper journal.

I started by misting randomly some Colorations in Rustic on the page.

Then I added a little bit of Timeless and French Toast Colorations as well.

I proceeded to add a couple of random spots of Sorbet in Kenyan Copper to the pages. I used a palette too to spread it.

I also added some pieces of card-stock beehive to a couple of spots. Painted over them with Sorbet in Pumpkin Spice

Then I added some spots of Velvet in Shamrock to the page. I just randomly spread the color using an old hotel room key.

I used the hotel room key like a spatula. I love how it leaves straight marks and dimension to the paint.

Here is a farther away view of what it's starting to look like now.

This is the other page.

Here is the paste while still wet.

Here is a view of both pages after adding the butterflies.

Once the paste was dry, I lined up the stencil exactly like before and using Colorations in Granny Smith and Timeless I misted over the stencil on one page only.

Then I repeated the previous step but using Colorations in French Toast.

Once the Colorations were dry, I started to cover random areas with Sorbet in Pumpkin Spice using that same hotel room key.

I simply just spread it all around.

Kinda like sparkle.

Her eis a view of the journal pages so far.

Some of the dimensional parts of the pages ended up with a lot of sorbet. I meant for that to happen. Then I sat my journal aside and let it dry for about an hour.

Using Technique Junkies "Sunflower Centers" stamp and black StazOn I stamped the image on both pages.

Remember to do it to both pages.

And using a black Fude Ball pen I traced the petals.

I used Stone Effects in Lava for the center of both flowers. I applied it with a palette tool. And put it on very thick so it would be dimensional.

Then with Vegas Gold I added color to the petal. As you can see I did use a brush, but instead of painting it in I dabbed. That way it left those dimensional bumps on each flower.

Using the palate tool I made sure to define each petal.

This is what the sunflower looked like once I was finished.

Then I did the same exact previous steps for the second sunflower stamped image.

Then I added a tittle with Velvet in Tuxedo. I also added randomly, the words of what I am Thankful for. I used a variety of word materials from labels, rub-ons, my handwriting, and stickers.

This is the other page so far.

After tracing the tittle letters with a white Uni Ball Signa gel pen, and a few other spots on the journal pages I thought it looked complete!

by Roxanne Dondanville

Watch the video: DIY Junk Journal. Gratitude Journal

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