How to cook chicken fricasse (pollo guisado dominicano)

Pollo Guisado,one(cause there is plenty)of my favorite dishes growing up.This dish alongside rice & beans make up our patriotic lunch called "la bandera" other wise known as the the Dominican flag.

Gather your Ingredients

Cut your chicken into small pieces and put into a large bowl. Wash thoroughly with water.

While washing the chicken with water add the white vinegar and rub down.

Take your mortar and pestle and gently pound the garlic. We want to grind the garlic into a paste.

My paste is done. Add salt to the paste if you want.

Add the garlic paste.

Add your sason packet

The mojo.

The black pepper.

And lastly the adobo powder 😉

In a pot over medium high heat add the oil.

Add the sugar and wait until the sugar browns.

Nice and brown,it's ready for the next step.

Add a few tbs of water at a time and we will keep adding water if necessary until it is cooked. We are braising the chicken,not boiling it.

When chicken is cooked lower the heat and add a 1/4 cup of water and to this water add the tomato paste.

Add the olives.

Olives are totally optional. I know there are a lot of people that don't like them and find it weird that they are included in this recipe. Its ok just omit it no biggy!!

Add the sliced peppers

The sliced onions.

This can be served with white rice, beans and a salad.Enjoy. From my family to yours.

For a special treat try adding some potatoes or carrots. It is so good.

Watch the video: How to Make Pollo Guisado Dominicano. Dominican Stew Chicken. Made To Order. Chef Zee Cooks

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