How to cook japanese okonomiyaki

This recipe is a simple introduction to the dish. For a more comprehensive guide and discussion on authentic ingredients, please refer to

Today we are using tenkasu (the leftover bits of fried batter collected when making tempura). Feel free to omit this ingredient or substitute it for any deep-fried bits of batter.

Place the cabbage into a large bowl.

Add the spring onion and egg.


Sprinkle in the flour and instant dashi and mix.

Pour in the cold water and mix, but not too thoroughly.

Add the pork and squid and gently mix.

Add the tenkasu (optional) and mix.

On a flat griddle, or nonstick frying pan, heat a little vegetable oil over a medium-high flame.

Add half of the mixture and form into a round pancake. Smooth the top of the okonomiyaki to flatten it a little.

Allow to cook (adding more oil if necessary) until little bubbles form at the surface and it seems as though the okonomiyaki could be flipped without falling part.

Flip the okonomiyaki and add a little more oil to the pan. The cooked surface should be golden. Very lightly press down on the okonomiyaki to ensure the base is flat and cook until golden.

On a chopping board divide the okonomiyaki into 4, put on a plate and coat with a thick layer of okonomiyaki sauce.

Then add mayo, aonori and katsuobushi to taste.

You can watch the full process on youtube:

Watch the video: Hiroshima Okonomiyaki Recipe. Cooking with Dog

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