How to finish a weaving on a cardboard loom

When your weaving is the desired length you are ready to cut your weaving off the cardboard loom.

Turn your weaving over and cut the warp yarn. Take the weaving off the loom.

Begin pairing up the warp yarn with the piece next to it. Tie them in a loose knot right above where the weaving begins.

Do this knotting method to both the top and bottom of your weaving.

Now begin to slide a wooden dowel right above the loose knots.

Place another knot above the wooden dowel to hold it in place.

Cut the extra yarn off.

Follow the same knotting technique with the bottom of the weaving.

Now your weaving is ready to add fringe and a hanger!

Knot pieces of yarn right onto the knotted warp yarn or directly to the wooden dowel. Continue this over and over again depending how thick you want your fringe. Can be added to the top and bottom.

Tie a piece of yarn at each end of the top wooden dowel to hang your weaving on a wall.

Finished and ready to hang!!!

Watch the video: Make a weaving loom from cardboard, part 1

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