How to turn a baby wipe container into a treasure box

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Gather supplies. (Make sure your paint works specifically for plastic)

Remove lid and cut out the inside piece that dispenses wipes.

Cut as close to the edge as possible.

Using a file or router, smooth out those rough cuts. You do not want little hands to get cut on those jagged edges.

Spray outside in a well ventilated area, using even 'strokes'. Let dry throughly between coats. I did three coats.

I chose to put a piece of felt on the inside of these boxes. Cut felt to size....

Using white glue, squirt a layer inside....

Brush glue smooth. Make sure you have a thick layer to hold down felt. (White glue will dry clear)

Put down felt, firmly press down all edges, making sure felt is flat with no bumps.

Set aside to dry.

Use tacky glue to attach jewels.

These boxes hold lots of treasures!


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