How to roast braciole in an alto-shaam cook & hold oven

Steep raisins in white wine

Trim strip loin

Remove front 1/3 of the loin and reserve for steaks

Butterfly out the loin

Pound to an even thickness

Season with salt & pepper

Mix stuffing

Dust with "meat glue"

Spread stuffing on meat

Using plastic wrap roll up tight adding more activa as you go

Roll tightly in multiple layers of plastic wrap

Leave in cooler 3+ hours or overnight so meat seals together

Unroll to sear

Ready to roast Cook at 250F (121C) to an internal temp of 95F (35C) then hold at 135F (57C) for 1-6 hours

Slice into portions

The meat is perfectly rare

Watch the video: The perfect steak with Alto-Shaam. Easy Cooking New Concept

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