How to make a gumpaste baby shoe

These are handmade templates I used to cut out the pieces

Cut out the different pieces in your chosen colour

Add a little glue to the front of the toe and stick the tongue piece on, lift the toe part to give it a bit of a body

Use tissue to 'fill' the shoe and let dry for a few minutes

Add some 'stitch' detail to the shoe and holes for laces

Stick the body of the shoe to the sole with a little sugar glue

Add toe detail in white

Not a great picture but there is thin blue line running down the middle of that strip which is going to be wrapped round the bottom.... this, cut the excess off

Put thin strip with stitch detail round the front toe part

Add laces

And there you go!!! Gumpaste baby shoe :)

Watch the video: How to make fondant baby shoes

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