How to make gluten free cake (cheese)

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First, prepare your steamer/steaming pot. Fill it with water, and bring them to a rolling boil.

Sift together rice flour and corn flour

In another mixing bowl, beat egg with sugar with high speed

Until thick and pale like this.

Then lower your mixer speed, add in sifted flour little by little and mix until all combined

Add in room temperature cream cheese and oil

Mix well

Pour your batter into baking pan. I'm using round alumunium baking pan (diameter 18cm)

Turn down the heat to low, put your baking pan into steamer and steam for 30-35 minutes with low heat

Fresh out of the steamer. Let it cool before slice into it

My cake surface is uneven bcs I forgot to cover the lid 😪 if u make this, pls put clean kitchen towel over the steamer before putting on the lid to prevent water droplets from dripping into ur cake

The texture is light and fluffy

Enjoy your cake with a teaNext time I'll post chocolate version of this gluten free cake..see you!

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