How to make a simple lovely gift box

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Cut the paper like this12'x12'(each squares are 4'x4')

leaves 4 comers

Cut like this Short strips are 1/2'x3' Long strips are 1/2'

Score and hold

Paste the conner of the box

Paste each corners like this

Just like this

Add long strip and cut the box size

Corner papers hold on half

Paste on each inside of box 1' hight. If you want to make short Lid,make 1/2'hight

Just like this

For lid , cut 5'x5' or 4 1/2'X4 1/2'(short lid)And score 1' all around or 1/2' all around

Score and make cut line like this

Paste only 2 corners

Paste long strip and cut like a ribbon

Put glue on the one of wing

Paste the lid

Paste both side like this

Short strips, make rounds

Paste each side

Make a hole each strips

Cut long strip

Make all together and hold with a brads

Decoration as you like

Add your cute friend

Watch the video: How to make the base of mini explosion box by using A4 sheet. simple and easy way

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