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Use a large cup turned upside down to draw a circle. Cut it out and glue to the plate (bottom side).

Cut out (2) pieces for the ears. Use the nickel as a template to cut out circles for the eyes and color with the black marker.

Glue all the pieces into place like so. Cover the white part of the plate with cotton balls. Make at least 3 of sheep, the more the better. You will be hiding them for your children to find.

Read the parable of the lost sheep (Luke 15:1-7). has a fantastic story with everything you need.

Next play a game called, "Hide and Go Sheep." Hide all the sheep in your yard or house. But make one sheep hard to find. Send your kids to search for the sheep. Here's one mom's story of how it went:

Jackson found the first 4 sheep, but couldn't find the last one. Mom asked how he felt. Jackson was angry and frustrated. Mom asked, "Why? You found the other sheep. Do you really need the last one?"

Jackson said, "Yes, I had 5 sheep, now I only have 4. I have to find the last one. He can't stay out here by himself. I want to find all 5."

Mom explained this is how God feels when we turn away from Him. We are the lost sheep and He is the shepherd, desperate to find us. They prayed together, then mom offer some clues.

Jackson eventually found the last sheep. He was so excited; he literally jumped up and down. He screamed, "I found them all! I got all my sheep!" So of course Jackson played the game again and again.

Make the point, God rejoices when His lost sheep is found. Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep that was lost -Luke 15:6 (Illustration by Noah's Ark)

Find free children's activities with meaningful messages at Egglo features the glow-in-the-dark Egglo Egg hunt to see the light of Jesus.

Watch the video: Lost u0026 Found: The Parable of The Lost Sheep - Virtual Sunday School

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