How to make fried chicken

If you would rather use flour instead of wonder the chicken will still come out the same, and you can also change the seasons you use as desired

Once the chicken is cleaned with luke warm water, pluck any feathers that are visible to the eye. Drain all water out off the bowl

Once oil is on, wash your hands and grab seasons.

On the plate flatly lay the first batch of chicken and lightly season with seasoned salt and garlic salt (if using other seasons do the same) season chicken on both sides * REMEMBER VERY LIGHTLY*

Now pour in the small bowl 1-2 cups of wonder or floor into it. (Depending on size of bowl) take seasoned salt and garlic salt (or other season) and sprinkle it lightly into the wonder.

Mix it around in the bowl and repeat 2-3 more times (again season depending on size of bowl) {season lightly}

Now that batter is nice and seasoned, place chicken one or more in the bowl and mix it around. Make sure to cover all areas of chicken

Place first batch in pan. (Test the oil to see if it's ready by sprinkling wonder or floor into it, if it begins to fizzle the oil is ready)

Depending on size of chicken allow longer cook time. Chicken is ready when bone is brown, blood is dried out and chicken is crispy brown

Place a napkin in the strainer a minute before chicken is ready, the napkin helps keep the oil from leaking everywhere

With the fork take the chicken out piece by piece and place it into the strainer

Make up some sides and serve

If you have more then one batch of chicken just repeat season process and drop into oil

Thank you for watching! Hope you enjoy and your chicken is fulfilling!


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