How to use regular coffee in the percolator for camping

Remove top basin. Add cold water in bottom chamber, making sure water level stays below top basin.

Set top basin back in. Take a coffee filter fold in quarters. Cut 1/4 inch off outside edge and clip the center out.

Place inside top basin.

Add your coffee to the filter.

Place top on, put over heat source. When your water reaches temperature it will boil through the center stem and flow down over your coffee. From time it begins to perk to completion is approx 3 mins.

HINTS: Watching the glass percolator indicator for caramel coffee color indication your coffee is finished. When heating over camp stove reduce heat when perking begins.

COFFEE HINTS: The coarser ground the better. However the fun of adding the coffee filter is you can use whatever you typically use at home.

Watch the video: Make the best coffee with Bialetti moka pot - My detailed guide

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