How to make chocolate tiffin

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First, crush you biscuits. You want some chunky but most very fine. You can't see the fine ones here because crumbs fall to the bottom.

Melt together the glucose/honey/syrup. Use a low heat so the chocolate doesn't burn.

Add optional extras to the biscuits whilst the chocolate mix melts. I've used meringue and cookies. You could use nuts, dried fruit, choc chips, anything really.

Here's the melted chocolate mix.

Pour it on to the biscuits, and mix aggressively to ensure all parts have a chocolate coating.

Put it into a lined tin. I use a potato masher to pack the biscuit in tight, but as long as it is packed in, it's fine.

There should be very few gaps.

Mix the glucose/honey/syrup with the sugar and water.

It looks strange, but it does work. Once it gets to this point, do not touch it.

Her the cream slowly.

The sugar/syrup now looks like this, approx 3 mins later. It's not quite ready.

This is now ready. If you use glucose or honey, it will be darker, more golden brown. You want the bubbles only around the edge.

Mix in 1/3 of the cream. Careful, as the caramel may spit.

Then add the rest of the cream.

Now add butter and a pinch of salt.

Leave it to cool.

Pour the caramel over the base. Then set it in the fridge.

And you're done.

Mine has been super rushed, so sone properly it can be much nicer looking.

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