How to make a tissue paper flower bouquet

Place a stack of tissue paper together and punch out with scallop punch. Each flower takes eight circles, and that is the thickness of tissue I made (8 sheets) to punch

I used two different size punches.

Cut a long piece of wire, double it over and twist. After gathering eight scallops together staple in the middle while also stapling down the wire. This will be the 'back' of the flower.

Bend the top loop of wire over the skewer and then wrap long length of wire around skewer to secure.

Wrap tightly to secure and give stability.

Turn the flower to the front side, gather the top circle and 'scrunch' it....

Continue with each scallop, one by one to scrunch up.


Make a bouquet to fill up your vase. (Or in my case, a can :-)

Watch the video: Making Simple White Rose Bouquet With Tissue Paper

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