How to Protect Your iOS Device From Getting Stolen

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This guide will show you how to turn off location settings and prevent someone from disable it. It’s important to ensure that the robber doesn't’ turn off functions like ‘Find my iPhone’.

Open the settings function.

Touch general.

Select Restrictions. This will ask you to set a Restrictions passcode. I’ll recommend you to choose one that is different from your unlock passcode.

Scroll down the list of restrictions until you find ‘Allow Changes’ and open Location.

Select the ‘Don’t Allow Changes’ option. Then go back to restrictions menu and select Accounts.

Then choose ‘Don’t allow changes’ this stops iCloud and Find My iPhone being disabled.

Then turn ‘Deleting Apps’ off.

That was it! Now this mean that anyone who gets hold of your iPhone/iPad will find it very hard to stop beaming out a location and it stops them from disabling iCloud and Find my iPhone.

Of course this sort of trick only helps if the phone is still connected to your phone network. But it will be worth keeping it connected to see if the device appear under Find My iPhone on

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