How to Make Chile Relleno Casserole

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Wash the chiles, removing the seeds and dry on paper towels

Greece the casserole pan and place half of the cans of chiles on the bottom layer of the pan

Separate half a cup of each kind of cheese to sprinkle on the top of the dish after the first hour of baking

Place the remaining amount of cheddar cheese on the first layer of chiles

Then place the remaining chiles on top of the layer of cheddar cheese

Then place the remaining amount of jack cheese on top of the second layer of chiles

Divide the 4 eggs and add the condensed milk to the yolks

Then add the dry ingredients; salt and flour, to the condensed milk and yolk mixture. Beat until thoroughly mixed

Then beat the egg whites and add to yolk mixture

*Then pour egg mixture on top of dish *cover with foil *1 hour in oven at 300 degrees

After one hour in oven, spread the 6oz can of tomato paste on top of casserole

Add remaining cheese to the top of casserole and bake another 30 minutes at 300 degrees


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