How to Use a Kuel Stylus Pen With an iPhone or iPad

Pick a color! We have several to choose from over at

The red one? Fantastic!

Red is hot. It's a strong color that conjures up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from passionate love to violence and warfare. Red is the devil.

Thread the string from the cap into the plastic plug included with your Kuel Stylus Pen. Loop it around so it holds tight. Charles kept saying "like a lasso, like a lasso".

Pop off the cap and reveal the soft, pressure sensitive tip. Don't be scared, you won't lose this pen cap!

Yes, this is where Kuel sprints away from the pack. That plastic plug goes directly into your headphone jack. You catching on now? Have you figured it out?

Boom! Plugs right into the headphone jack. That is one pen cap that will not disappear in the couch cushions.

Glide the stylus across the screen for fingerprint free task tackling. Great for checking out the latest Snapguides! Did you see that maple bacon fudge recipe that Stephanie posted?

The Kuel performs like an artists brush, as seen clearly in the video. Launch your favorite drawing app and enjoy doodling the day away.

The Kuel pen truly becomes the most essential accessory you own once the iPad comes out.

You can do everything you can do with iPhone, but BIGGER!!! Apply the soft tip in between the apps and swipe away. Type away on the keyboard, draw amazing pictures. Shop at

No more fingerprints & smudges. No more losing your stylus pens. It's time to point that pressure sensitive tip to your favorite streaming video app, and treat yourself to a cinematic masterpiece.

Watch the video: SGP kuel H10 Stylus Pen

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