How to Cook and Make Woofums

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Woofum recipe ingredients 1. Several cans of your favorite pop biscuit dough from grocers refrigerated section. Plain works best.

2. Any flavor pudding in cups (most convenient) or made from milk. Chocolate is our favorite. Lemon is another favorite.

3. Any flavor pie filling. Raspberry is our favorite

4. Whipping cream topping. Pressurized cans are our favorite.


Cooking instructions

Start a fire in approved fire pit and burn wood so they are like coals. Indirect heat is best for cooking biscuits.

1. Pop biscuit dough can and place one biscuit over thick end of woofum stick.

Make sure your biscuit is attached to your woofum stick or it will slip off into the fire.

2. Cook biscuit over coals in fire until desired doneness is achieved.

Rotate your biscuit in the fire so all sides become cooked.

Biscuit will puff up during cooking.

3. Carefully remove cooked biscuit from end of woofum stick!

You've created a biscuit cup!

4. Fill cooked biscuit with pudding or pie filling and top with whipping cream.


5. Woofum into your mouth and enjoy!


Tipleave your dowels long so cooking is easier than with short dowels.

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