How to Create 80's Nails

These are the neon stripers I used. I got them at Walgreens on sale for .99!

I'll be showing how to create the shades and the rainbow tree nails here. If you choose to do this, you'll have shades on 3 fingers and to rainbow nails as shown previously. Start with a white base.

Paint your neon fingers until you feel it is opaque enough. Make a purple stripe at the base of your cuticles on your accent nails.

Followed by a pink stripe.

Then orange.

Then yellow.

Then blue.

And finally green.

While your stripes are drying, make an off center black line with your striper to start the shades. Next take a toothpick and black polish to create the lenses.

Use your striper again to make the horizontal lines across the lenses.

Separate your neon stripes with a black striper.

Next make an elongated V shape with a striper for the tree trunks.

Now make 5-6 big leaves on each trunk to complete your design! Let dry for 15 min before applying your topcoat.

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