How to Make a Prickly Pear Chicken and Egg Breakfast

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This is from Arizona and can be bought online. I will provide a link to the site once I find it again.:)

Anytime you have to handle raw meat or even cooking food wash your paws! Before and threw out the cooking process.

Everything you will need. For the prickly pear I believe it is only made in Arizona so you have to buy it online. This stuff makes great iced drinks and party drinks also.

Add olive oil to the pan before you cut the chicken but don't turn the stove on yet.

Crack open two tasty eggs into a small bowl.

Brake the yolks and stir them together until they are pretty nicely blended together.

Time to dice the chicken up into little bite size chunks.

Bite size chunks, you can also make them smaller if you wish to.

Turn the burner on to medium and add your chicken.

Season your chicken with garlic and herbs, pepper corn, and salt.

Slice up 1-2 jalapeños and add them to the chicken. I like to slice them over it so all the juices get into the chicken.

Now it is time to add the prickly pear juice to the pan. This will cook the sweet flavor into the chicken.

Mmm you can see the love here.

Once the chicken is cooked and has become one with the prickly pear syrup drain out most of the excess syrup.

Pour the whipped eggs into the pan and let them cook till done. Make sure to mix everything around threw out the cooking process.

Place the bread into the toaster while the eggs cook.

Once done add butter to this dish and your done!

Mmmm I am enjoying this as I type and it turned out great! Enjoy!

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