How to Use Canon SLR Lens With Your iPhone4/4s

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1 x iPhone4/4s 1 x iPhone camera case 1 x DOF adapter 1 x Canon SLR Lens

The DOF adapter consists of 1 x macro lens 1 x short tubular case 1 x gg holder 1 x focusing screen 1 x long tubular case 1 x canon EOS mount and attached in that order.

Place your iPhone in the case.

Attach the DOF adapter via 37mm threading on the iPhone camera case.

Screw off the long tubular case off the adapter, exposing the gg holder and the focusing screen.

Make sure the focusing screen is aligned straight to the case.

Screw the long tubular case back on.

Attach canon SLR lens to the DOF adapter.

Open an app that supports complex lens. I recommended apps like Turtlehead available for free on app store.

Open turtlehead and press the PF button. Wait 5 second, adjust the focs on SLR lens.

Have fun shooting with you SLR lens!

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